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My property suffered damages, who do I call first?

After the first responders (EMT, Police, and Fire Department) have done their jobs, please call your insurance company. Some companies accept claims calls 24/7 and can help you further. After these initial steps, please call us at 1-888-508-9089 to prevent further damages and start the restoration services.

What if the damages are severe and I cannot live/work there until the restoration is complete?

Consult your insurance agent and ask for temporary housing and business relocation options. Medi-San Corporation will restore your property as soon as possible. Our concern is your safety and convenience.

Can I do the restorations required at home myself?

We recommend that you consult Medi-San Corporation, assess the damages and find out what the next steps are to restore your facility. If water/fire/smoke and mold is not treated properly, these could affect health or cause further damages to the property.

Am I covered for the water/fire/smoke or mold damages?

Your homeowner’s insurance coverage will show what damages are covered. Be proactive and ask questions about potential damages to your insurance agent. Each insurance company has different policies and coverage under basic homeowner’s policies.

Do I have to work with the restoration company my insurance agent recommends?

They can recommend preferred companies but they cannot require you to use them.

What do I need to check before I assign a contractor for restoration?

Remember to ask about their licenses and if they are fully trained to handle the type of restoration you need. Ask for a quote and insurance coverage information. Medi-San Corporation works with most of the insurance companies for all types of damages.

If I do not restore immediately, what are the damages?

The smoke particles from fire can stick to your clothes, furniture, carpets and corners around your home. This spreads the odor and these tiny particles can affect your health. If the water damage is not addressed properly on time, it could damage your furniture, develop mold, cause odor problems and corrode metal surfaces. If biohazard is not cleaned by an expert with caution, it can be a health risk. Body fluids from animals of human beings can cross contaminate surfaces quickly and the bacteria can multiply for days even after drying.

If we have not listed the answer to your question/concern on this page, feel free to call us at 1-888-508-9089 or send an email at and get all your questions answered from our experienced customer service team.

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