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Medi-San brings cost savings,
innovative and high tech procedures and equipment, along with a strong compliance team.

Our goal is to take the cleaning industry to a new standard. By bringing to light the biological risks we face and how with sanitization, these risks can be significantly reduced. Promoting health and wellness is the foundation of our company. We have developed an outbreak management program to help in reducing the risk of pandemics and outbreaks.

Our agenda is infectious disease control by using the most effective methods available, while minimizing environmental waste, and scientifically monitoring microorganisms to promote healthy buildings. Our experience in the health facilities management industry has served as the inspiration to bring this standard to all facilities. We are a hygiene company.

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Cleaning Industry

We utilize an Integrated Cleaning and Measurement system. This is an open-source system promoting the ideology of “best practices”. It is founded on measurement, extensive quality control and reporting to ensure the benefits of the practices being followed.

Ongoing efforts to keep our clients involved in the process consist of a grading system by which we determine the safety of critical touch points by swabbing areas and comparing the readings to determine acceptable levels of living organisms. By using extraction methods and micro fiber we constantly promote our ideology of minimizing environmental hazards.

Medi-San wants to show you with factual data just how we can improve air quality by minimizing dust and reducing chemicals and surface contamination. Our program also consists of reducing cost by utilizing effective cleaning and training procedures. Contact us for a consultation and analysis of your facility. We will be glad to design a program to promote our standard in your buildings.

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