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Biohazard Cleanups

We help industries run smoothly by cleaning workplace accidents or cleaning contaminants that could affect their workers, customers and products.



Water, Fire & Mold Restoration

Water, fire and mold can cause permanent damage if not cleaned promptly or correctly. We ensure a quick and speedy restoration process.



content packing and cleaning

We utilize a variety of different dry or wet cleaning techniques to restore upholstered furnishings and oriental rugs to pre-loss condition.


Biohazard, Remediation and Restoration

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Medi-San brings cost savings, innovative and high tech procedures and equipment, along with a strong compliance team.


Fire and smoke can cause permanent damage if not cleaned correctly

Fire Restoration
Biohazard Cleanups


We help industries run smoothly by cleaning up the workplace accidents


When dealing with water damage, immediate action is critical

Water Damage
Board Ups

Board Ups

We ensure your property is boarded up and immediately made safe


Mold can easily grow in the moist areas within our living space

Mold Restoration


Restore before you decide to replace


Biohazard Cleanup, Disaster Restoration and More Available in New Jersey

Accidents and tragedies are a fact of life, but when they take place in your home, the consequences can be severe. Following a fire, flood, infestation, storm or death, what was once your pride and joy can be reduced to a badly damaged, dangerous disaster zone. In these circumstances, prompt, professional biohazard cleanups or water remediation is essential in order to make the property fit for human habitation again. Our skilled, experienced team is able to undertake fire damage restoration and more, restoring your home to its former state, quickly and competently.

Flood Cleanup Service and Storm Damage Restoration

Bad weather can wreak havoc with your home: floods can leave toxic waste that requires biohazard remediation; storms may interfere with the power supply or damage your home, leaving it exposed to rain. This may cause significant problems and require skilled water damage restoration in order to resolve the problem. We have the right equipment and knowledge to successfully remove biohazard contamination of any type, safely and completely.

Mold Damage Restoration Can Transform Your Property

There doesn’t need to be a disaster in order for mold to get a grip on your property. Leaking windows, condensation or roof damage can all lead to hazardous mold building up on walls and floors. We can undertake a full mold inspection, identify where the problems lie and then undertake a full mold removal intervention. Allowing mold to flourish in your home can damage its structure as well as endanger your health; mold remediation and restoration is a great solution to this irritating problem.

New Jersey (NJ) Contamination Experts Available Now

With decades of experience in decontamination processes and procedures, we’re a leading provider of smoke damage restoration as well as a variety of other restoration processes. In addition to dealing with property matters, our content cleaning and packing service is a great option if furniture or other goods have been fouled or wrecked due to an incident. If you’ve got a property which needs our attention, or if you’d like further information, call us at (888) 508-9089.

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